Scamp the Rocket Dog Launched!

9 11 2008

Yes I am a dog but I can write by processing my thoughts through Professor Moon’s astonishing BARKOTRON… and I have lots to say about being a rocket dog – feeling the wind in your ears, the thrill of a paw operated aerlon, rescuing helpless victims! I plan to post pictures and videos soon – once Professor Moon has fixed the space string rudder.

THE PLAN  – I want to make a film! I need your help!

The film would be a pilot episode of ‘Scamp the Rocket Dog’.

I need footage of other flying dogs.  If you have any post it on the YouTube group: 

I need you to join the YouTube group and support me. Then we can convince Space Command that the film must be made. More details to follow.

Love and Speed – Scamp




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